With much gratitude and thanks, I acknowledge that this research was  supported through an apprenticeship with Penny Arcade. (2012)  

the "Q" loop
Like most aspects of our 21st Century lives, the arts are beset by consumerism and careerism. The great Jack Smith, a key source of  things considered experimental in contemporary American art and theatre, asked the question in 1979: "Could art ever be useful?"  In 2012, I was investigating the question in a project called the Q loop.

Drawing upon the monomyth structure of a hero’s journey, the Q loop was a mentorship/collaboration with international performance icon and Warhol Superstar, Penny Arcade, when I was based in her Lower East Side studio in New York during the summer of 2012.

Project Context

Due in large part to technology, social media and gentrification of America, we live in a world where we, as individuals, are both increasingly connected to and isolated from each other.  This psychographic project investigated how individuals might not only survive but thrive outside of what is considered normative society. 

Base Questions for Exploration
What is your idea of happiness?
What is your greatest fear?
Can art ever be useful?
What is your motto?