Ones called to the Shamanic path are humans who are able to access different worlds.  They are called to be bridges between realities, and balance there to access helpful knowledge for the Tribe.  

“Blended Spirits" - those called to shamanize - are the core manifestation of my work.

I love you.
I love you too baby...
I've loved you since that very first hour I met you
That hour of angels
Those inspirational, popular angels.

I see you.
I see you too baby...
I've seen you since you first looked my way
That look of silent mystery
Those mirrored eyes of mystery.

I admire you.
I admire you too baby...
I've admired you since we first danced with that curious ghost
That dance of danger
Those famous dangerous dances.

I hear you.
I hear you too baby...
I've heard you since you first announced yourself with that bona fide gong
That gong of dreams
Those dreams that dream pretty.

I think pretty has gotten us pretty far.
That's pretty far out baby...
So, just for funsies, how about we teach each other to talk
And then, you and I can meet for the first time again
To begin a real conversation..

- Theo Edmonds, Poet