The Role of a Cultural Futurist


My main role as a cultural futurist is helping others tend to our responsibility to future generations and providing support for being a good ancestor.  This cultural approach creates new value by:

1. Innovating through culture.

Forecasting the future is not my primary goal. In fact, predictions can hinder people’s capacity for independent thinking. I help people to think more broadly about culture as a powerful framework for innovation.

2. Inspiring leadership.

All of us exists within multiple cultural frameworks at any given time. I help others decipher those frameworks in order to unlock human potential.

3. Transcending boundaries.

Whether you are planning for change in a company, an industry, a geographical region, boundaries in today's economic and cultural landscape are fluid.  Strategic action can never be just about one thing. My approach to culture shift management helps others consider almost everything, across society, technology, business, and the humanities that can be put to work to achieve exponential results.

4. Provoking new ways of thinking.

For people who struggle to embrace change, my insights may not always be welcome. However, as a provocateur, I offer a valuable framework for pushing systems beyond their comfort zones. As an artist, I am skilled at finding ways to use the experience for breakthrough solution finding. As an entrepreneur, I am skilled at turning breakthroughs into actionable strategies.

5. Managing information overload.

In today’s highly networked world, the sheer volume of data can be overwhelming. My system of cultural analytics combines unstructured, qualitative data with empirical data to support solution finding at scale.