I ignite more culturally-responsive leadership and connect cross-sector innovation through "challenge everything you know" speaking engagements, publications, and curated events that provide clients and partners with the mindsets, skills, and tools they need to re-imagine and invent more just, creative, healthy futures for the communities in which they live, work, learn and play. Speaking engagements can be tailored to fit the specific strategic innovation needs of corporations, governments, universities and professional associations.


My primary focus is culture-shift innovation with private sector, government leaders, NGOs and health sector executives to build culturally-responsive businesses and organizations. Having pioneered a unique cultural innovation framework called Creative Placehealing, I help leaders move the needle on their top health and healthcare innovation & transformation priorities.

  • Social Impact Modeling

  • Cultural Simulations Design

  • Cultural Frameworks for MVP Creation

  • Culturally-responsive Value Proposition Design

  • Hypothesis Creation + Testing

  • Cultural Change Readiness Assessment

  • Cultural Communication Strategies

  • Cultural-based Training Workshops for Population Health Innovation

  • Developing Multi-Dimensional Measurement Approaches

Examples of cultural change leadership development consulting includes:

  • How effective storytelling can exponentially improve community engagement.

  • How to build a shared understanding of cultural-based challenges in health.

  • Culture mapping ecosystems of engagement.

  • How to set “winnable cultural milestones” and hone a compelling message.

  • How to design cultural approaches that will work at massive scale.

  • How to drive (rather than assume) demand.

  • How to develop a co-creation model with communities -- moving from a B2C to a B2B for more effective, lasting impact.


Giving money to charity, staff volunteering, painting the community center – all good things but peripheral to the business. I partner with CSR leaders to create cultural frames for their work that can lead to creation of new products and services, help differentiate their brand, and drive deeper engagement with their employees. The goal of our work together is to expand pathways to achieving lasting social impact. The answers to the world’s biggest social challenges will not be found by governments, charities or NGO’s alone. Increasingly big companies are creating new business models, new products and services that deliver lasting, financially-viable solutions to the big problems we face. Re-imagining the future of CSR is a challenge! I can help CSR leaders structure cross-cultural initiatives that drive business innovation while delivering new levels of employee engagement.  


I believe that artists are powerful agents of change that are undervalued and underutilized. Artists are unique and their practices vary tremendously.  Also, an artist’s "lived experience" is as crucial to their effectiveness as is their creative practice. As an artist myself, I work with an extensive national network of creative industry professionals. I am a matchmaking expert for connecting organizations seeking cultural innovation insights with artists who have the lived experience and the training to meet the challenge at hand.