Pioneering into the wilderness of unopened life!

"Numbers may move governments and markets... but data alone does not move communities to action.

Culture is the "data" of the people. Culture is the operating system that guides a community.

- Theo Edmonds

Bridging Social Capital

In delivering specialized in-depth, cultural insights and coaching for effectively managing culture-fit as a core component of all population health initiatives, I build bridges for communities, companies and governments to become trusted partners in the co-creation of a better life for all.

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What Is a Cultural Futurist?

My main role as a cultural futurist is helping others fulfill our responsibility to future generations and to provide support for being a good ancestor.

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All Y'all!

Combines lessons I learned growing up in the Appalachian mountains and insights on where our team at IDEAS xLab finds HOPE in America's future at the intersection of arts, community and health. 

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What a long strange trip it's been.

From being a champion clog dancer who performed on Grand Ole Opry as a kid to being named as one of Southern Living Magazine's 50 People Changing the Face of the South... from corporate healthcare leadership jobs to social justice work at the grass roots level... I have learned a lot about America and her people. I can help your organization navigate the always shifting cultural forces that impact us all.